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Simple dream in white

with stretch und lace...

The little one is already on the way? How nice! 

At Brautzimmer, you will find light and delicate maternity bridal gowns, in which you will look enviably beautiful. They are very comfortable due to their high stretch content which is important when the tummy is already noticeable.


Designed by well-known designers, using high-quality fabrics and materials such as stretch lace and fine accessories to create the perfect fit for the expectant mother:

Become the radiant centerpiece of your wedding in these elegant maternity bridal gowns!

Brautzimmer also offers simple maternity bridal gowns in vintage and boho style!


Get expert guidance form our stylist at our couture boutique in Salzburg. She knows and understands the special requirements for a wedding dress for 2.

Arrange a free appointment with us and immerse yourself in the romantic world of maternity bridal gowns. Chic and comfortable at all times


We look forward to welcoming you to Brautzimmer!